Intellectual Property

Legal Luminaries provides comprehensive IPR services including transaction assistance, prosecution, and litigation. Legal Luminaries also has the expertise to advise on areas that directly or indirectly touch upon IPR, such as Trade-marks; Copyrights; Patents; Designs; Trade-secrets; Geographical Indications; Domain Names; Franchising; Anti-counterfeiting; Passing-off; Infringement; Disparagement & Unlawful Competition; Publicity and Celebrity Rights; Cyber and Computer Law; Advertising and Media Law.

Legal Luminaries also undertakes forensic audits of IPRs. Legal Luminaries has also handled several transactions which include IPR Assignment Agreements; IPR Licensing Agreements; Technology Transfer Agreements; Web Designing, Hosting and Maintenance Agreements; Technology Licensing Agreements; Technology Transfer Agreements; Software Development Agreements; Broadcasting Agreements; Web Development Agreements; Registered User Agreements, Software Licensing Agreements; E-Commerce Agreements, etc.

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