The firm offers comprehensive advice on environmental laws, rules, and regulations, governmental incentives available to further environmental interests, including tax credits, grants, and land use provisions.

The team offers guidance to domestic and international clients on India’s comprehensive environmental laws pertaining to recycling, hazardous waste management (by hospitals, clinics, manufacturing industries etc.), water and air pollution, forest and timber regulations, handling of chemicals and EIA. The team assists a variety of clients with regulatory compliance, enforcement actions, and civil litigation in all aspects of environmental and natural resources law.

We represent businesses of all sizes, from MNC's to sole proprietorships, nonprofit organizations, trusts and estates, governmental entities, individuals and trade associations in litigation, regulatory and transactional matters. We also routinely associate with other attorneys and international firms, forming a team to further the interest of clients with environmental legal issues nationwide. In non-contentious areas, our environment team can assist clients in undertaking environmental due diligence audit to assess material environmental risks related to the acquisition of operated and non-operated production/ manufacturing sites as well as the acquisition of pre-development assets in India. Besides the above, (in non-contentious areas), our environment team can assist clients in advise on risk assessment and apportionment in corporate, property and financing transactions and can work closely with our team in the areas of planning, infrastructure, and energy laws.

Our team has advised clients including foreign investors in India, utility operators, property and development companies, hospitals and clinics, landfill operators, professional bodies/ associations of manufacturing companies, and companies from other sectors, including manufacturing, waste, chemicals, construction, house building, rail, mining, quarrying, oil and energy

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