Consumer forum

The firm offers the best consumer court lawyers in Delhi for all consumer court Delhi matters. We provide very strong drafting and vetting services for all consumer notices, consumer complaints and all legal services of consumer court.

If you need any help with a matter relating to consumer protection, then you have come to the right place. If an act, product or service has violated your consumer rights, then our consumer protection Lawyers/Advocates can help you. Our consumer protection Lawyers/Advocates at Legal Luminaries handle a wide spectrum of areas which include false advertising, product liability, consumer fraud, and business scams’. Our Lawyers/Advocates can help you in an event of delayed possession as well as delayed completion of builder-projects. Consumer protection laws and provisions are designed to make sure that consumers are protected against scams and frauds, their rights are upheld, and they are treated fairly by brands and businesses. We will represent you in consumer Courts and Lawyer/Advocate for your consumer rights.

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